I graduated from Eastlake North High School and married my high school sweetheart, Al.  We moved to Willoughby with our young daughter Jennifer in 1986, and soon after we arrived added a son, Bradley, to complete our family.  I attended college, leaving before completing my degree - my only real enjoyment in college being the creative writing classes I took.

I have been dealing with things of a paranormal nature for years.  My book "Haunted Willoughby, Ohio" The History Press, 2010, ISBN 1596294329 showcases my creative storytelling talents, and love of the rich history and heritage of Willoughby, along with intimate knowledge of all its haunts taken from the very popular Willoughby Ghost Walk, a walking tour through downtown Willoughby, Ohio created by myself and now in its thirteenth season.  I am always working on new projects.

I am an experienced educator and lecturer.  My popular workshops and presentations have been enjoyed by thousands through local libraries, fraternal organizations, colleges and community education programs. I lead various classes for adults and children geared towards the paranormal.  I am a sought after speaker and I bring energy and knowledge, as well as a strong dose of humor, to my educational seminars to further people's understanding of the paranormal and their enjoyment of all things ghostly. 

I consider myself a "para-historian" and my goal is to bring historically significant buildings to the attention of the public by highlighting the reported paranormal activity, along with stories, legends or lore attached to the property.  In an effort to remind everyone that the responsibility for the preservation of these historic treasures is in our hands, I regularly organize public para-historical ghost hunting fundraisers for local groups which are always sold-out events.

I am co-founder, along with the lovely Theresa Argie, of the Haunted Housewives.  We are two creative and talented paranormal investigators from the east suburbs of Cleveland, Ohio. 

I have appeared on a variety of television shows including Paranormal State (November 2010), The Marriage Ref (February 2011), Paranormal Challenge (July 2011), My Ghost Story (July 2012), and Haunted Collector (April 2013).  I have also been featured on local radio programs, internet radio, local and national news outlets, and local entertainment programs and newspapers.

About Cathi

Ghost Lady

The Book
This is Cathi's first book
and was born from the love she has for the City of Willoughby as well as all things involved in telling a good story...especially a ghost story!


The Willoughby Ghost Walk
...takes the love of storytelling one step further
!  Now in its thirteenth season, the Willoughby Ghost Walk, created by Cathi Weber, is a premiere event in the historic district of downtown Willougby, Ohio.


The Haunted Housewives
...are two creative and
independent paranormal investigators with a story!